W.M.P Info

W.M.P is short for Weapons of Mads Production.

I am currently Dj in 4 rapgroups (which u can hear much more about in the various tabs in the right side of the menubox)
I’m an Event DJ for all sorts of events, and I also produce my own tracks which are then used by various singers and rappers.

The primary genres I play when I’m out as an event Dj is Drum `n` Bass, House, Electro Swing, Hip Hop / RnB and Lounge. So whether it’s one or the other genre that is in focus, W.M.P is always ready with the coolest new underground tracks and remix `s and also sneak`s a few classics in the mix for those who are well-known in the genres mentioned above here…

All in all, a DJ who knows his stuff, and whether it applies to scratch, beat mixing, or to read people on a dance floor, WMP is always ready to please your ears with some cool beats.

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